System of lies

December 1, 2013


It's a chilling scene caught on camera: Armed police officers stripping a baby from his mother's arms. No warrant. No court order. They just walk into a private home at take the child … all on the say-so of a social worker. The Sacramento video clearly illustrated the power vested in Child Protective Services' social workers.
Only two entities – that we know of -- have the power to deprive people of their liberties:
Law enforcement and Child Protective Services. 

It is an awesome power that demands rigorous oversight and scrutiny. Police abuse of that power regularly makes headlines. But social worker abuse? The very phrase sounds offense. These professionals dedicate their careers to helping people.
Then Fox 11 investigators began hearing from parents. Desperate parents. They said social workers had taken their children. They said social workers were lying, falsifying reports, perjuring themselves in court. 


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