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Amanda Spring
Dec 11, 2018
Ok. I really wish you could be in on this case even if it is just for collaboration. I do not believe that this will go to court. I rather suspect they will settle. Our son is home and had spent over seven and a half traumatizing months in foster care. We are fortunate enough to have evidence as to the social workers involved committing perjury several times, interfering with judicial process, illegal search and seizure of our 11 year old son, falsifying documents to mislead the court, Etc. Among other things. Not to mention the blatant and deliberate violation of our constitutional rights and civil liberties. And the only reason they gave him back was because we filed an appeal and they said they wanted to keep this out of other courts. So they said since there was no realreason that he was adjudicated that they would reverse the decision "as if it never happened" if we withdrew our request for appeal. Our son has been begging to come home and has been going through severe emotional breakdowns so we agreed to get him back in our home. But the damage has been done. Now that he is back in our home we want to move forward with this as soon as possible. But we want the best. And I was hoping and praying I would get you to be involved and Lead this effort. And to think our son was taken away because he had to write sentences as discipline and had to do exercises outside of school. This whole mess disgusts me. I am hoping to find a lawyer that will take this pro bono and get paid when it is settled. they keep telling us they want to keep it out of any other courts so I am sure that once they understand that this legal action is coming against them and they will have to be accountable for their illegal activity as well as violating our entire families rights they will want to settle.

Amanda Spring

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